The artist at work. Personalizing a leatherbound journal.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Personal Journal Title Page

This page is one of the options that I can do for you own journal title page.

These Journals with their handcrafted irregularities, antiqued edges, pale watercolors and scribbled notations, look like the remembrance books that individuals recorded their travels and adventures in decades ago.
These journals come in an assortment of sizes. The smaller size is perfect for keeping in  your haversack. Great for that trekking journal!
The middle size is great for those of you who like to sketch or watercolor while on the trail.
If you are a trader or a merchant the larger size might just fit your needs as  a ledger.
Size 4"x 6" $49
Size 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" $59
Size 7 " x 11 " $69
Size 8 1/2" x 11" $69
Please add $10.00 shipping, handling.

Tulip Fraktur

No King But Jesus Fraktur

I sent this out as my email Christmas Card this year. Got great response from customers and friends. Some printed it out, framed it and hung it on their walls. Others asked to use it as their Christmas card and others told me that they reduced the size,  printed it out and hung it as an ornament on their tree. Wonderful to create something that people enjoy.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sacred to the memory of...

Fraktur Examples made during Pennsylvania German Design class

Here are some frakturs and a scraffito plate that I worked on during the recent  Pennsylvania German Design class at the Arms Making Workshop at Conner Prairie. In addition to teaching fraktur and making several examples, I actually completed the scraffito of four plates during the class. Jim Pease assisted me during the Paper Arts class where we taught Pennsylvania German Fraktur. Larry Gillam, the chief potter at Conner, taught the Redware Scraffito class. Great time! If you've never attended the Arms Making Workshop you should check into it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Alphabet Fraktur

Alphabet Fraktur Print
8.5" x11"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Drayton Hall: Haunted Plantation

Based on Drayton Hall Plantation located in the “Low Country” near Charleston, North Carolina

Drayton Hall was built for John Drayton. Construction begun in 1738 (George Washington was 6 years old) and completed in 1742. (A year before Thomas Jefferson was born and 25 years before Jefferson began construction on Monticello) Drayton Hall is still standing today. It is said that it is haunted. In 1779 the British army arrived at Drayton Hall. In anticipation of their arrival, and the destruction they wrought, John and his family packed what they could and left. While crossing the west branch of the Cooper River at Strawberry Ferry, John suffered a seizure, died, and was buried in an unmarked grave.

The watercolor painting on this old book cover depicts the palladian mansion and some of the ghosts whose spirits might dwell there. It has been drawn and written over in graphite showing a masonic square and compass, a crown and several spiritual beings. Also penciled in is the notation, Great hall built by John Drayton. Construction began in 1738. Drayton Hall was completed in the year of our Lord 1742. Underneath the words John Drayton, B. 1715, D. 1779. in the upper right corner, are listed John’s four wives. His first wife Sarah Cattell, the daughter of a neighboring plantation owner; she and their two children died before 1740. In 1741 John Drayton married Charlotta Bull, daughter of South Carolina's Lt. Royal Governor William Bull. Charlotta died in 1743. In 1752, John married Margaret Glen, the sister of James Glen, the Royal Governor. Margaret died 20 years later in 1772. In 1775, John married Rebecca Perry, the 17-year old daughter of a neighboring plantation owner.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fraktur Bird

Capt. Kidd's journal: Sighting a mermaid off the island of Tortola.

Barbados. Another new painting

Folk art owl:The Night Watcher

This painting show an Owl done in an early folk art style. Sitting on a tree branch. Colonial house in the background. A large moon and stars shines overhead.Ink, watercolor and pencil. Painted on the inside cover of an old book. Antiqued to look even older.

14"X 18" Unframed, mounted on black background. Will fit into a standard 14 x 18 frame.
Reg. $135. 
Ink, watercolor and pencil. 
SALE ENDS JANUARY 25! Please include $12 shipping.

A new painting called Liberty

Two of the pages in my personal journal