The artist at work. Personalizing a leatherbound journal.



I had the great privilege of providing several prop items for the movie "The Alamo," starring Billie Bob Thornton and Dennis Quiad, among others. I made the hunting pouch that Davey Crockett (Thornton) wore in the movie. Actually I made three of them in case one became damaged. I also provided ink wells, writing journals, pens, pencils and pencil boxes.  Below is a close-up of the pouch.

    Below are two other examples of my pouch work.
    More pouches are shown in "Older Posts"

I made this pouch and based it on
"The Dark Day in New England, May 18th,1780."
On that date, the sun was obscured at sunrise. Extraordinary darkness occurred shortly before noon. Peak obscurity was reported at noon. The blackened sky remained for the remainder of the day. The sun became red, the sky appeared to have a yellow cast and the moon became as red as blood. Schools were closed, children sent home. Cattle lay down to sleep, chickens went to roost, and many people believed  that the world was coming to an end. Communications of the day were primitive and most people thought the darkness to be inexplainable, so they applied religious interpretations to the event. Many thought that the Dark Day was a supernatural event caused by God. The cause of this phenomenal event has yet to be throughly unexplained.