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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Personalized, Hand water colored and unframed $39
I have also added a new RECORD OF BIRTH design to my line of personal Frakturs.
This RECORD BIRTH FRAKTUR is a wonderful way to remember the best moments of life! Great for anniversaries, weddings, new births and birthdays. A blend of original art and personalized sentiments.

In early America, these announcements featured primitive drawings of angels, birds, flowers, hearts, etc. The resulting Early American Folk Art art or Fraktur was often the record of a family's history. These items were hung on walls, pasted inside trunks and passed on from generation to generation.
You provide the details to create a wonderful keepsake, Each one is personalized with the information that you send. I'll combine that information and then hand watercolor each one individually. Size: 8 1/2 x 11” can be cropped to it into an 8” x 10” frame.
NEEDED INFORMATION: Please send me the name of the child, sex, date of birth and the mother and father's name.  If they are a Mr. and Mrs., let me know. Otherwise just give me their names. 

Personalized, Hand water colored and unframed $39
please include $6 for shipping, handling and insurance. 

I accept checks or money orders. Sorry I don't accept PayPal or credit cards at this time. Email me for my address.

Note: I offer a 100% mistake free guarantee that you'll never have to worry that your Record of Marriage or Birth will come back with spelling mistakes or omission errors. But if that occurs just let me know. If the mistake was my fault,  I'll replace your Record at no extra charge.

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