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Friday, June 17, 2011

I have been named one of the top traditional craftsmen in America

 Early American Life magazine selected me
as one of the top 200 Traditional craftsmen
in America for my fraktur paintings and leather work.

Ken Scott selected as one of the top
200 traditional craftsmen in America 
by Early American Life Magazine.

Judges expert in museum-quality antiques
and fine, high-end reproductions recognize 
Scott’s art and craft to be some of the finest available.

Scott’s work was named in two categories,
Leather and Painted, Framed art.

The Directory of Traditional American Crafts is an honor bestowed on a handful of artisans who work in traditional media, styles, and crafts. This is the second time that he has been named one of the Top 200 Traditional Craftsmen in America by the magazine. The directory is also a buying guide, presenting a selection of the best historically informed handwork in America. His work can be seen in the August, 2011, issue.

An artist who has been selected for the Directory has had his or her work thoroughly evaluated by a panel of experts. Scott’s craft was selected from among hundreds of entries nationwide. His leather hunting pouches and American frontier fraktur paintings were rated for their quality workmanship, fidelity to period design and construction techniques by judges expert in museum-quality antiques and fine, high-end reproductions. Because Directory artists so accurately replicate the styles and techniques of historic work, they might be mistaken for antiques. To assure this high-quality work is appreciated for the true quality of its modern craftsmanship, the Directory requires all work to be hallmarked.

Scott’s work is well recognized and is owned by collectors and historical reenactors around the world. He made the shooting bag for Billie Bob Thornton (Davey Crockett) for the movie, The Alamo, as well as provided some other props that were used in the movie. Scott’s work has also been featured in videos, tv documentaries and numerous times in magazines and on their covers—Muzzle Blasts, Muzzleloader, as well as in the Dixie Gunworks Black Powder Annual and The Book of Buckskinning. 

Scott’s work can be seen on his website as well as his blogs.

Also search: 
Google/Images for Ken Scott Pouches
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